Best Car Speakers Reviews & Buying Guide

best car speakersChoosing the best car speakers can be very challenging and overwhelming because of the many different brands and models that we have to deal with. Many companies are trying to outrun each other by introducing more powerful and sophisticated speakers on daily basis into our market place and our duty as end users is to devise ways and strategies that will help us filter out the low performing brands and models leaving us with only the ones with highest attributes in terms of output sound quality. Our goal in this article in addition to featuring and reviewing the top rated and best sounding vehicle speakers is to outline easy-to-follow steps that will enable both newbies and the more experienced music enthusiast make well informed and intelligent buying decision when next they plan to upgrade their automobile stereo speakers.

Reviews of Best Car Speakers – Top 10 Automobile Speakers with Good Bass

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Power Ratings: the very first thing you will want to observe when shopping around for car speakers that will produce remarkable and impressive sound accompanied with great bass effect is the power ratings on the rare side of it. Now there are two power ratings that are usually imprinted on speakers; the RMS and the Peak power ratings. You will want to be careful not to base your judgment and buying decision on the peak power capacity of the speaker as that is usually not a good criteria to use in gauging the power and performance of any subwoofer. A lot of people tend to put a lot of weight on the peak as a result are usually disappointed with the sound quality and its overall performance when mounted in custom subwoofer enclosure and hooked to a powerful external amplifier system.

Let me take a moment to explain what those two readings means to help you understand better. The Peak power of any speaker is usually the amount of power it can conveniently handle at an instance while the RMS power is the amount of power that it can continuously handle without burning out or resulting in sound distortion. It is recommended that you allow your buying decision to be influenced by the RMS and not the Peak power capacity of any subwoofer.

Brand: the model of the speaker you are interested in buying is important but not as important as the brand of it. By brand we are referring to the brains behind the production and manufacture of the speakers. Overtime, many brands have emerged that it has become a bit difficult and overwhelming to filter out the real deals from the noises and if you are anything like me that loves getting full value of my money worth then you will agree with me that we owe it to ourselves to do our diligent research in discovering which brand is really the main deal in terms of sound quality, performance and durability of their products. One sure of overcoming this is to always opt to go with brands that have been around for a very long period of time and have a huge base of happy customers raving about their different lines of car audio products like the Bose, Alpine and Rockford.

The Size: this an important factor especially for those aiming to replace their factory fitted speakers with aftermarket models. Be sure to pick the models that are of same or close match in size to the ones being replaced! This is so that you won’t face the hassles and complications that comes with having to labor at widening the receptacle holes to accommodate the new ones that a bit larger than the old ones.

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