5 Reasons to Use Fiberglass to Build Custom Subwoofer Boxes

custom subwoofer boxes

When the need(s) do finally arise for you to build your own custom subwoofer boxes or have someone construct it according to your desired specifications you will want to choose fiberglass as the core material to be used in the construction because fiberglass as we all know offer real time advantages over some other handy materials. For the benefits of those that may not be too familiar with fiberglass and its voluminous advantages, we will attempt to highlight and summarize some of the major benefits that fiberglass subwoofers poses over other types. In so doing, we believe you will be well enlightened on the right materials for used in building custom subwoofer enclosures that produce crisp and clear musical tunes accompanied with heart rumbling bass.

Benefits of custom subwoofer boxes

  • Saves and Maximizes Available Space

One of the major constraints that most people face when deciding on a subwoofer and the type of subwoofer box design to acquire for their car stereo system is the available space. Because of lack of space in their truck, some people have ended buying boxes that they otherwise would not have bought had their truck afford them ample space. Because of how flexible and supple fiberglass material is, it can be molded to fit into just about any space and shape under your car seat or in the trunk thus maximizing the utilization of available space. Aside from good sound production, this is perhaps one of the most central reasons why people choose fiberglass over other materials when it comes to designing a subwoofer box.

  • Can be molded into just about any shape

custom subwoofer enclosuresAnother huge and distinctive merits of custom fiberglass subwoofer boxes is their ability to be built into virtually any shape and designs of your choice. This unfortunately is not usually the case with other materials like ply woods become you can only achieve a rectangular or square shaped design custom subwoofer enclosures with them. The shapes and designs you can achieve with a fiberglass are only limited by your imagination and creativity level. Also, with this kind of material, you can literally build out an enclosure according to shape and contour of your vehicle trunk thus making it more customized, stylish and very appealing.

  • Super light in weight

Being very light in weight is another plus to why you need to design and build out custom subwoofer enclosures with a fiberglass material. The wooden ones are mostly associated with the challenges of being too bulky and way too heavy for easy movement around. You really want an enclosure box that is lightweight so that it won’t add unnecessary weight to your vehicle and also so that it will be much easy and convenient to move out and back in place when the need arises.

  • It enhances high sound quality

Aside from being able to fit it into the only available space in the vehicle, another major reason why folks prefer building their own custom made ones rather than patronizing the standard made ones is simply for better and enhanced audio sound quality. It has been discovered that using a fiberglass to construct an enclosure box for your subwoofer offers better sound quality than the one oozing out of a music box that was built with a ply wood.

  • Highly Durable

Subwoofer boxes that are made with fiberglass has the tendency of being more durable and lasting much longer than its ply wood counterpart. Because of the low strength level of medium density fiberboard of MDF, they tend to weaken and break apart easily thus rendering any music box built using them a short life span. Since fiberglass has more strength than these fiberboard, the speaker enclosure constructed using them can last longer giving you full value for your investment over a relatively long period of time.


Having taken the time to explain what a fiberglass is and the advantages in accrues when used in building a customized box for your best 12 inch subwoofers as well as the best 10 inch subwoofers as well, we hope that you have seen the huge benefits that you can derive when you opt for using a fiberglass against standard ply wood in your next custom subwoofer boxes project.

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