How to Choose the Best Subwoofers

Best Subwoofers

Feel the Rumble With Best Subwoofers Set

Subwoofer speakers are basically designed to enhance the reproduction of low frequency sound otherwise known as bass that oozes out of our stereo sound system. Just in case you are wondering; the rumble you feel in your chest is known as bass. And although most of us want this in our homes and our vehicles, it is a bit difficult and time consuming to select a decent sub that will deliver the booze and boom we need given the vast models, brands and sizes of subwoofers flooding the market places.

Although most sound system usually come with their own subwoofer, the truth of the matter is that the carry-come ones are usually low quality and as a result the quality of bass is not usually that very impressive which usually leads us to seek for other alternatives including custom built ones to help enhance the quality of bass.

Checklist for Finding the Best Subwoofers Set

So if you are thinking about upgrading or even completely replacing your old sets with a completely new ones, here are some points we think are worth considering.


Obviously you talk about subwoofer without mentioning “watts” a few times. Wattage is the unit commonly used to measure the power capacity of any speaker and it usually range from as low as 100 watts to as high as 2,000 watts. Wattage simply give an insight into how high a sub will sound at any time. An important thing to keep in mind while scouting for speakers is that wattage rating of any sub is not the final factor that determines how powerful and decent a sub-woofer will sound.

The Size

Moving away from the wattage, let’s briefly talk about the different sizes available. Subwoofers comes in a variety sizes ranging from the best 12 inch subwoofer to 18 inch including the best 10 inch subwoofer. Usually these has to be fitted into an enclosure and hooked to a powerful amplifier system to get the very best out of your investment. Here are the different types that are readily available;

  • The component subwoofers which usually sells with the speaker alone. This means that the buyer has to separately source for the enclosure as well as the amplifier system to power the sub. This types are mainly for the experienced guys that want something highly customized and very unique for their car stereo system.
  • Another common type of subwoofer readily available are the enclosed ones. These are the types that are pre-installed in an enclosure and all that the buyer needs is an external amplifier system to boost its performance. This type is recommended for those in need of something with less customization.
  • The powered subwoofers is yet another common types that usually comes fitted in an enclosure and also hooked to an amplifier system all in a single box. this comes top on our recommendation list for those looking for something that they can literally plug and play with no hassles. Since it is already pre-installed in an enclosure that houses amplifier, all that is required of the buyer is to simply hook it to your car stereo, sit back and enjoy.

Materials – the material used in building custom subwoofer boxes is also an important factor to consider when looking for a good and durable subwoofers to buy. The different materials used in the construction of subwoofer boxes plays major role in the quality of sound that will ooze out of the box after construction. From experience and research, it’s been discovered that the best material to that should be used in building a solid and powerful speaker boxes is the fiberglass because of a number of reasons including the fact that it is super flexible and thus help in molding out different speaker boxes of diverse shapes and designs according to the available space. Another major plus for using fiberglass materials is the fact that it produces superb sound quality accompanied with tight and deeper bass production. It might also interest you to know that music boxes designed and built using fiberglass material is that they are usually durable and last longer than the ones designed and built with ply woods.

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